Doing Something is Better Than Nothing !

It started gradually, and now its been six days straight with one off day, Yes my body feels like crap but in a good way I guess. My struggle started a while ago but I got tired of looking at my batwings and now I’ve taken on the thirty day challenge workouts that are posted all over Facebook and Instagram. I’ve been doing squats, tricep dips, mountain climbers, plank, pushups, and I just started doing my Zumba wii game again. Practically every day I’m doing something, because somewhere through the grapevine “I heard doing something is better than nothing” 🙂 So that has been my tactic. I have been thinking hard about my health and how I want to stay on the path of healthy, rather than straying off and I’m determined to get there….eventually taking baby steps. lol I just know I hate going through the ups and downs of my hormones making me feel absolutely horrible and then not taking my medicine like I’m suppose to and I’m literally sending my body on this hormone driven roller coaster of furry! Sighs** I just think about how these people who are on a healthy lifestyle fit to them and their body demands and I just have to find whats right for me and what works for me, while getting down to my goal weight and enjoying the process. I’ve already took my body pictures and can’t wait to see the after. I’ll continue to share my progress and updates and I’m also thinking about not weighing myself until after the thirty days are up ! We Shall See!! 


Keeping u posted 🙂




Weight Gain, Accomplished Goals, and so on…

So as i said previously, I was busy with school etc, and now while I am Happy to say I finished community college (Psych Major! ) I’m now headed to finish up my B.A. and pursue my masters and so on. Now for the other news….I wouldn’t consider this bad news, I just see it as life’s twist and turns. Yes I gained weight yep after holding steady 163 I went to 168. Yeah it can be a bummer but throughout the last semester of school I lost consistency within my diet and my workout routine and although Metformin even the Extended release i’m on now still causes me severe acid reflux and nausea on and off (more days on than off), I would still try to stick to one pill a day when I couldn’t stomach two pills, but even that fell to inconsistency, sighs thus the hormonal up and downs and the cake and fries I encountered won the battle. I believe that this experience kinda keeps me within reality that this Endocrine Disorder can rule me if I don’t continue to fight it no matter what things I go through in life. I remind myself I am not at square one (195lbs) and weight loss isn’t a one way down a slope, it’s slopes, hills, mountains, and even holes to jump over. With that being said, Within the pass couple weeks I have slowly started back getting into my better lifestyle habits but most importantly working on my inner self mentally to learn balance and peace and not keep myself up at night with my mind racing. I am learning new mental habits as well as health habits, I have started back with cardio oh and working on my flabby arms (yuck)lol. I work out on my arms more than the cardio at times lol (love those chair dips). But I digress,

 Sooooo I hope u get the gist I’m not starting over Im continuing my journey and I will get to my goal weight and continue to work on it, with new routines and eating habits, and healthy mental habits. 


Lessons Learned….PERSONAL GROWTH

So, I’ve still been consumed with school finishing up this last semester of college, (finally but proudly) finishing my associates and continuning on my education path. But whats been up ? I almost fell off my whole path of mind body spirit growth, school seems extra stressful along with outside personal factors, I texted my beau telling him i’m sooo sad because I had been overwhelmed with all things going on etc, and he told me babe stop limiting yourself, we and you will get through this, and to be honest I texted him and I told him that I am not limiting myself, but to be honest I was…Literally I had let my PCOS and issues start to consume me again instead of me having control over it….Mentally. I took what he said and just Meditated on it and Said “DESTINY STOP LIMITING YOURSELF” I have control I know I do so why am I bothered for longer than a day over such things?The next day I texted him and said THANK U,and that he was right. Sometimes We get caught in our feelings and consumed with so many tasks especially women, and we forget to take care of ourselves and we let things just control us. But as I continue to regain myself , my positivity, and my head as I finish one of my goals in education I will be continuing the strive and updating you guys on my journey!

Hashtag in my feelings!

Ok so first off I would like to step in and acknowledge my long hiatus ! *sighs* school not only has me tuned in since I’m in my last semester of my associates then on to finish undergrad but I also have been focused on other life pursuits but although all these things have been going on and as much as I wish my pcos could be put on hold it hasn’t it’s still here and live and in color !
Which brings me to my title in my feelings … times u may see something that makes u feel a type away when a subject refers to hormone issues or infertility and tonight #rhoa or real housewives of Atlanta jus did it for me …one of the cas members walks in to an infertility specialist to talk about having a baby and options to help, and I’m not here bashing Kenya but I jus thought wow wish it was easy for me or any other women who is struggling to jus waltz in and not really have to worry abt cost etc then I thought abt pcos my low ovarian reserve then from there my reality kinda sat back in , mayb I’ve been busy but mayb I been busy trying to ignore the fact that this is going on with me….sighs again* I know it’s there I know it’s not a dream but at times I jus want to pretend to be “normal” and not for this to sound all depressing but tough times happen I jus know I can’t dwell and will not dwell but just for tonight I’ll sing this sad song and be back on it fighting the fight …. Jus keep in mind Sometimes we fall but we can an we do get back up if we put our mind heart an soul to it!

Good news, worried news, and so on

So, its been a while since i posted but I am happy to say that i’ve lost two extra pounds which puts me finally over 29lb weight lost. Now i’m down 31lbs yayyy!!!!! but in the mist of my excited joy to have reached this goal, I have doctor appts I need to make and most importantly the one for a breast diagnostic visit. 

After checking my prolactin levels and those being normal, and testing for blood in my discharge from my right breast which came up neg…I still have discharge and a year later(first noticed it around may 2012)I am trying to get money together to go get an diagnostic exam recommended around may 2013 . 

I called a local breast care center and spoke with a nurse and when I explained my situation (age, uninsured, problem) she gasped and was like oh that definitely needs to be checked out asap…. but then tried to re tract her emotion by saying words as in the notion towards ” it will be ok…….”

So in my mind i’m thinking, great lady make me feel absolutely terrified than i’m already am….I never had pain till now which was unusual for me in the particular breast…. so clearly my anxiety is thru the roof and her comments just made me feel just a tad bit more worried -_-

I’m already stressed out because im a full time student with no health care at all and a mountain of medical debt …..I also have to plan my follow up visit regarding PCOS and pap follow up……and this has really had me on edge lately…..

Now in positive good spirits and prayer…I try my best to think of the best outcome and that it will be ok, but I know that because i’m unable to take care of myself like i should medically it could lead to things more serious if not checked or screened. So my mind is at a battle…..i’ve been keeping steady trying to lift my spirits and or keep them lifted, especially when there’s not alot of emotional support or support at all it can get even harder but I know my battle and storms will end and better days will come soon. 

PCOS Awareness MONTH


As most know September is PCOS Awareness Month and Although I am a few days Late is never to late to speak awareness and bring knowledge to those suffering as well as those who may believe they have this endocrine disorder.

For now I will start with the basics of information. 🙂

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Endocrine Disorder that effects millions of women and is also the leading cause of Infertility.

Symptoms consist of but not limited to

-Irregular periods (missed cycles, or heavy bleeding)

-Cyst on the ovaries

-Weight Gain


-Thinning head hair

-Excessive hair growth on the body


-Fertility problems

-Insulin Resistance

-High testosterone levels

To be diagnoses you only have to have two out of the above symptoms and you do not have to have cyst on the ovaries to have PCOS, Talk to your Dr. asap don’t let this go unchecked PCOS can lead to things like uterine cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and so forth.

For more info check out webmd and a few other helpful sites are posted below that you can also go to for more info,  support, and  tips on managing symptoms. Stay beautiful, blessed, and remember you are not alone in this fight. 🙂


Update…School life is where I’ve been…..(rescheduling my fitness goal routines)

So, I haven’t blogged to much on updates or whats been going on with my recent “get my life” (fitness) blog entry, as I’ve said in my previous entry I had been preparing for fall semester and once fall classes started Aug 19 I’ve been trying in all my absolute power to adjust to my new schedule (which includes honors classes and ridiculous class hours schedule, smh) as to create better study and work habits and incorporate my fitness into it all…..As for food, I have been eating with healthy thoughts in mind and on my plate, it’s just finding the best times to get a workout in, and as far as now, it looks like my days to get the workouts I want in would be during friday, saturday, sunday but I may try these cool workouts that you can do in several minutes just to squeeze in something during the week (tabata workout, or the 5-4-3-2-1 work out pictured below).

 I hope to get it together and start back soon this week and post an update next week on how this new routine is working out for me.